Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy Week

Man its been a rough week as the semester comes down to a close. Finished up one presentation today, meaning the end of at least one of my pointless classes.

Only 4 more major exams to go, then I'm home free.

Do you guys find it difficult to balance your day to day activities and your schoolwork?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why do you like to do what you do?

I asked myself that question today and I was perplexed as my professors continued piling additional homework on me to do over my easter weekend. It just doesn't really make sense; I'm not a massochist (sp?) but I do enjoy the challenge that the homework presents to me. Not necessarily while I'm working on it, but more so the after the fact feeling of completion that comes with it when you hand in the finished product.

Yesterday during an interview, a woman asked me if I had ever felt a pressure to learn something new in a very short amount of time and what actions did I take to do it. I felt as if there was no correct way to answer this basic question of human nature. We all do it, but how do we handle it? I told her honestly that almost every test I had taken in my curriculum felt like this with midterm and finals weeks being the most stressful of those times since I had the load of up to 5 classes on my shoulders. Most recently, and definitely not the least of which is a test in my differential equations class I've got to prepare for on this Friday. All semester I've had so much trouble following along and paying attention as our teacher rants and raves, giggles and annihilates functions. Basically, I approach it with a mindset as if I'm Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. It has to be done no matter what the cost, because if it isn't, it's the end of the world. Or at least the end of the road for me in my differential equations class.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Introduction

My name's Jack and I'm a pretty bored college student. (What? That even happens?) I know. It's not too common that you'll see a bored college student who starts a blog... Right? Just kidding.

I'm majoring in computer engineering and am quite bogged down with the likes of homework and studying but still manage time for hobbies like photography, rollerblading, and working out at the gym. I have a girlfriend , friends, and acquaintances (sorry I'm not a loner!) who make my everyday life bearable as I struggle through what have probably been the busiest and hardest four years of my life.

I've always been pretty intelligent but have never really applied myself as much as I have in the past two years of college. It's quite the experience, but definitely takes it's toll.

 I am currently enrolling in the Air Force's TDSP program which is a pretty solid program for engineers who want to make some extra cash during school at the expense of four years of active duty afterwords. Its not a bad deal if you don't mind serving your country and it definitely softens the financial stress from school and social activities with friends and the girlfriend.

As you can probably guess, I'm a novice at writing blogs but I'll try my best; after all, how hard can it be?